This Island, Made of Bone


This Island, Made of Bone

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Nothing is what it seems on Drumpoint Island

There is a quiet war going on within the United States. Between two communities who make their living in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. United in a way of life, but divided on how to share the territory.

It is a border war.

It is a civil war.

There are casualities. There are war crimes committted.

And one fragile young woman is about to move behind enemy lines.

Bridget Marquez -- an animal scientist crippled by social anxiety -- is sent from the Virginia mainland to an isolated Maryland island community of "watermen," people dedicated to crabbing. 

But is she really there to help solve a growing environmental problem destroying the fisherman's livelihood? Or is she a Trojan Horse, the least likely person to be sent in to investigate the murder of  the Virginia border patrolman who prevented these Marylanders from making a living by poaching the crabs over the state line...

Or is she in fact the bait in something larger, something she doesn't even understand?

The stay on Drumpoint Island will change Bridget Marquez forever, if she can make it back to the mainland alive.

This Island, Made of Bone is a harrowing story of justice and betrayal in a world trapped in another time.

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